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The Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine offer a range of short courses designed for professionals working in, or planning to work in, specialist fields.

Independent Prescribing Course
Accredited by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), this course aims to deliver competent non-medical prescribers who can provide an independent and supplementary prescribing service which is safe and effective and takes into account the needs of patients, the professions and the relevant health organisations. Find out more.

Palliative care
Multi-professional modules designed to appeal to future leaders of palliative and end of care life, whether in clinical or social care, or in teaching and research. We aim to help our students to develop the skills necessary to appraise research and evidence on palliative care, and to improve clinical practice and lead services. To discuss your learning needs or book a place, please email mscpallcare@kcl.ac.uk or telephone 020 7848 5584.

Pharmaceutical Medicine
A suite of courses designed for health care professionals or scientists working in, or planning to work in, the field of clinical drug development. Pharmaceutical medicine is the scientific discipline for the discovery, development, evaluation, registration, monitoring and medical marketing of medicines for the benefit of patients and the public. Each course is taught over consecutive days and assessed independently. Completion of a combination of these courses can lead to award of a postgraduate certificate.
Clinical Pharmacology
Drug Development Science

Medical Affairs in Medicines Development
Offered by King’s College London and the International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Pharmaceutical Medicine (IFAPP), this online CPD programme is designed for biomedical professionals working in medical affairs related functions and other areas of the medicines development arena within the biopharmaceutical industries and clinical research organisations.
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