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E-learning: Developing & Evaluating Complex Interventions


MORECare Statement

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The general objective of this online course is to improve practice and current standards of developing and evaluating complex interventions. In particular, the course explains the best methods of designing and conducting research, which evaluates palliative and end-of-life care services and treatments using the MORECare Statement.

The course consists of six modules: 
  • Module 1) Introduction to complex interventions and MORECare Statement
  • Module 2) Selection of outcome measures
  • Module 3) Use of outcome measures: Choosing and identifying time points
  • Module 4) Missing data, attrition and response shift
  • Module 5) Mixed methods
  • Module 6) Ethical considerations in palliative and and end-of-life care
For more information refer to MORECare course booklet (Link to course booklet)

Course start date
Course duration
7 to 10 hours
Course type
Online course
Course recurrence
Ongoing enrolment
Credit value
RCP UK 9 category 1 (external) CPD credits
Academic Lead
The MORECare eLearning course is offered by King's College London, Cicely Saunders Institute. Professor Irene Higginson and Dr Catherine Evans are the academic leads.
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