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Work Based Learning (Single Module) Level 7


Level 7 (15 Credits) April

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This module offers an opportunity to acquire academic credit for learning gained from specific educational activities undertaken in your workplace. For most students, this will be linked to a course or study days provided by your employers but for others, it may be an individual project or practice development negotiated with managers and colleagues. WBL recognises students as independent learners able to learn from their experiences at work.

The ethos of WBL is based on the definition by Chalmers et al (2001, p.599)

'Learning for work, at work and through work, where successful assessment leads to academic credit rating, but not in itself, a named academic award. The assessment is of the current learning and is therefore not retrospective'.

The module enables you to develop as a life long learner by critically reflecting on and improving your learning skills and abilities. You will produce a portfolio of learning activities demonstrating your learning from the work-based activity and your own development as a learner. The portfolio can contribute to evidence of professional development.

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WBL modules are all taught in the workplace so there are no teaching days
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