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Master Class in Clinical Epidemiology 2019

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The course is run by Dr. Mieke Van Hemelrijck from the School of Cancer and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Dr Van Hemelrijck studied an MSc in Biomedical Sciences (2001-2005) and an MSc in Statistical Analysis (2005-2006) at Ghent University, Belgium. While doing so, she got engaged in epidemiology research in the field of urology: hypospadias as well as transsexualism. She continued her epidemiological training by spending two years at the Harvard School of Public Health (2006-2008), where she obtained an MSc in Population & International Health. She stayed focused on urological research and worked on projects related to second-hand smoking and bladder cancer. From 2008-2010, she worked with Professor Holmberg at King’s College London and obtained a PhD in Cancer Epidemiology. Her study findings, published in over 600 news articles to date, suggested that all men with prostate cancer were at higher risk of developing various kinds of non-fatal and fatal cardiovascular disease. The research, which has received worldwide attention, had a significant impact on the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which used the findings to help inform a safety review of commonly used prostate cancer drugs in May 2010. In 2012, Dr Van Hemelrijck was appointed at King’s College London, where she now runs the Translational Oncology & Urology Research (TOUR) team and is a Reader in Cancer Epidemiology. The TOUR team aims to turn science into better healthcare by translating uro-oncology research into medical practice. The translational work of the group encompasses a heterogeneous set of activities in the area of prostate, bladder, renal, and testicular cancer: epidemiology, bioinformatics, immunology, histopathology, randomized clinical trials, patient care and experience, radiotherapy, etc. TOUR brings together a team of researchers, clinicians, students, research nurses, trial coordinators, and database managers who are active across the field of translational research – covering both bedside and bench whilst contributing their own skills and knowledge.

Professor Sabine Rohrmann:Dr. Sabine Rohrmann is head of the Cancer Registry of the Cantons Zurich and Zug in Switzerland. Her research focus is on diet, lifestyle and cancer risk.

Mrs Netty Kinsella: As a Nurse Consultant in Urology, Netty is also finalising her PhD which covers both quantiative and qualitative research methods to assess how to support and educate men with low-risk prostate cancer who are on active surveillance. Netty's expertise in systematic reviews covering both quantiative and qualitative studies will help participants develop their systematic review skills.

Dr Danielle Crawley: As a Clinical Lecturer in the TOUR team, Dr Crawley focuses on the interaction between diabetes and prostate cancer. Her expertise is in the area of clinical trials as well as systematic reviews.



Participants at last year's course wrote:
'Thank you very much. I have enjoyed the 2 days immensely, learnt a lot and will use this course as a springboard to hopefully more learning in this direction.'
“Thanks to you all for a highly organised, very interactive course. I really appreciate the time you have taken and being given the opportunity to ask lots of questions.”
“Highlighting the important terms and developing a structured approach to examining epi studies was really useful”.
“The course is very informative; good value for money.”