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Advanced Qualitative Data Analysis for Cross-Disciplinary and Global Health Research

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Sergio A. Silverio

Sergio Silverio is an academic psychologist with a research interest in women’s mental health over the lifecourse. Sergio have worked within various academic departments, most notably as a Research Assistant in Qualitative Methods at the University College London’s Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Institute for Women’s Health where I am now an Honorary Research Fellow, and now as a Research Assistant in Qualitative Analysis of Women’s Health at the Department of Women & Children’s Health at King’s College London. Most recently, Sergio has been made an Honorary Fellow at the University of Liverpool’s Department of Psychological Sciences, where he first trained as a Psychologist, and has read for a Master’s in Psychological and Psychiatric Anthropology, completing a thesis entitled: ‘Anxiety and the Antenatal Clinic’.

  • Professor Jane Sandall - King's College London
  • Dr Abigail Easter - King's College London
  • Dr Danielle Ashworth- King's College London
  • Mrs Hannah Rayment-Jones - King's College London
  • Ms Pippa Davie - King's College London

"Overall this course was excellent and much needed within the department. It provided much needed guidance for my qualitative research, and I found the sessions very helpful. The one to one clinics were also very helpful.

The lectures were delivered very well and with clear aims and structure.

I would definitely recommend to others and hope that the course will continue!

Thank you!"